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Memorable events lead to loyal customers and lasting impressions. 

With She's So Social's Event Planning Service, you can trust that your event will be unforgettable, align with your brand, and attract the buzz it deserves.


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Tier 1

If you're someone who loves to take on DIY projects but needs an extra touch of creativity, we've got you covered. She’s So Social is here to help bring your event to the next level with customized, unique ideas that pack a punch. Consider us as your go-to event consultant!

    • Event theme and logo design

    • Renderings of recommended event items, which will be available at a la carte pricing:

    • Cups and napkins

    • 2 She's So Social- Lites

    • 2-3 custom-designed rental options

  • This is the ideal package for you if you are…

    • Seeking creative event insights

    • Looking for expert guidance and support

    • Wanting to maintain control over your event planning

    • Eager to elevate your events with professional assistance

  • $400

Don't let planning a party stress you out. We take care of vendor communication, design, and event preparation so you can relax and breathe easy. The only things not included in this package are food, beverage, and venue selection/management. We'll s even set up everything for you to ensure your event starts smoothly and on time!

    • Event Design, Concept Curation, and Event Mock-Ups and Renderings

    • Vendor Communication, Timeline, and Budget Management

    • Event Preparation and Set Up

  • This is the ideal package for you if you are…

    • Looking for a stress-free event planning experience

    • Wanting professional vendor communication and coordination

    • Interested in event design and preparation support

    • Seeking a seamless event setup for a hassle-free experience

  • $1300 + 10% of the overall managed event budget

Experience Your Party as a VIP Guest with Our Full-Service Tier! Our team will handle everything from event design to production and management. We'll take charge from day one to event execution/tear down, ensuring that you have the time of your life.

    • Custom Design Curation with Event Mock-Ups and Renderings

    • Full Timeline and Budget Management

    • Invitation Design and RSVP Management

    • Venue Sourcing and Management

    • Full Vendor Management and Communication

    • On-Site Execution with Complete Event Management and Oversight from Start to Finish

  • This is the ideal package for you if you are…

    • Seeking a VIP treatment for your event planning needs

    • Looking for a full-service event experience from start to finish

    • Wanting comprehensive event design, production, and management

    • Expecting a seamless event execution and tear down without any stress

  • $3300 + 10% of the overall managed event budget

Tier 2

Tier 3


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